HP Printer Selection

Does deciding on which HP printer to purchase seem like a guessing game?

Do you wonder what the operating costs will be?

LaserCorp provides its clients with the information necessary to guide them to purchasing the “right” printer.
The “right” printer is not necessarily the least expensive printer that suits the minimum need.

As an example; the less expensive HP LaserJet 1020 printer costs 214% more to operate than the more expensive HP 4250 LaserJet printers.

Question is, should you upgrade?
LaserCorp can help you answer that question!

What is CPT?

As every toner cartridge will have its own unique yield (pages printed per toner cartridge) for a specific price, the only accurate way to compare the real cost of a toner is by CPT. CPT is very easy to calculate. CPT = Price ÷ Yield x 1000

CPT is the most important factor in helping to lower your printing costs.

CPT rates vary significantly by toner cartridge with different yields ( usually there are at least 2 different versions of a toner cartridge with different yields) for a specific laser printer.
CPT rates can vary by more than 100% when comparing them between different printer models you may already own or are considering buying.

LaserCorp can help with toner math!

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