Multifunctions and Copiers

The rationale for large, expensive centralized photocopier is obsolete .

HP workgroup Laserjet MFP's offer the same operating costs as those of the large expensive photocopier companies like Canon, Xerox and Ricoh but offer the following advantages;

  • Exceptional savings on lease costs
  • Decreased waiting at the centralized copiers
  • Increased scanning productivity within workgroups
  • Consolidate equipment to decrease number of devices
  • Decrease service costs
  • Eliminate multiple Vendors
  • Decrease supplies inventory

HP Laserjet Multifunction MFP's are designed to work where you are and the way you do!

Hewlett Packard's multifunction workgroup MFP's provide inexpensive printing, copying, faxing, scan to email and scan to folder everywhere your workers are!

Typically, the cost of one traditional photocopier can cover the cost for at least 4 MFPs which will increase workflow and efficiency. Output speeds increase at a minimum of 200% and user wait times are practically eliminated.

Printing large volume down the hall to the dedicated photocopier no longer reduces costs, it actually increases costs.

HP Laserjet Multifunction MFP's can be configured with all necessary paper finishing options such as numerous paper trays, sorters, mailboxes, staplers and stacker's.

The question is, how much can you reduce your photocopier budget by ?