The easiest way to recycle Original HP toner cartridges

Recycling empty original HP toner cartridges have never been easier or more profitable.

Our HP empty original toner cartridge recycling program provides your business or organization with a toner cartridge recycling box in order to collect all of your empty toners.

Once your original empty HP toner cartridge recycling box is full, it is then picked up free of charge and delivered to the HP Planet Partner Toner Cartridge Return and Recycling program.

That’s the easy part. The profitable part is that we refund approximately 10% of the original new HP toner cartridge cost to you when you join our HP original toner cartridge recycling program.

This empty HP toner cartridge program is free of charge but is only available for used original HP toner cartridges. Previously recycled or non-HP compatible toner cartridges are not eligible for our toner cartridge recycling program.

FAQ for HP empty toner cartridge recycling

Q: Does HP use recycled materials in Original HP cartridges and supplies packaging?

A: Yes, HP uses recycled materials extensively in packaging, including recycled content paperboard, corrugated cardboard and recycled plastic for original toner cartridges. HP has produced more than 3.9 billion Original HP ink and toner cartridges that contain recycled plastic. Today more than 80% of Original HP ink cartridges and 100% of Original HP toner cartridges are now manufactured with recycled content. All HP toner cartridges and packaging are designed with sustainability in mind.

Q: How do I know whether I'm returning an ink cartridge or a toner cartridge?

A: Each Original HP cartridge should indicate on the packaging whether it is an ink cartridge or LaserJet toner cartridge. Also, ink cartridges are smaller and squarer, whereas LaserJet toner cartridges are much longer in length.

Q: Can all HP toner cartridges be returned and recycled?

A: With the exception of the HP part numbers listed here, all original HP toner cartridges are accepted for recycling in the HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling program.

HP cannot accept these empty toner cartridges as part of the HP Planet Partners toner recycling program. Please dispose of in accordance with applicable regulations in your area.

The following items are not acceptable for toner cartridge recycling: non-HP toner cartridges refilled or remanufactured toner cartridges and warranty toner cartridges.

Q: What happens to cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners Toner Cartridge Return and Recycling program?

A: HP LaserJet toner cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners toner cartridge recycling program go through a multi-phase "closed loop" recycling process. The recycled plastic from empty toner cartridges is used to create new Original HP toner cartridges and other everyday products.

Q: Who actually collects and recycles the cartridges?

A: HP partners with shipping companies to collect and return used toner cartridges and supplies. Once the toner cartridge and supplies have been returned, HP works with advanced recycling organizations to recover and recycle materials from empty or used HP toner cartridges and supplies. Because of their construction, Original HP toner cartridges cannot be effectively recycled using conventional, commercial processes.