Discover the Ease of Toner Shopping with LaserCorp!

Why choose LaserCorp for your toner needs? It's simple – our expertise sets us apart. As specialists in toner, laser printers, and copiers, we leverage our extensive knowledge to help clients cut costs, save time, and enhance efficiency.

Toner math is not easy!

Why isn't toner math easy? The world of toner is complex, and making the right choice involves considering various factors. This is where our expertise shines.
Considerations like:

  • Choosing between recycled, new compatible, or original toner
  • Deciding on small, larger, or x-large toners and understanding the cost differences
  • Recognizing cartridge cost is meaningless without considering toner yield
  • Identifying manufacturers with discount programs and their requirements
  • Knowing which exclusive dealers offer restricted, cost advantageous toners
  • Understanding how free printer monitoring software can significantly reduce costs
  • Advantages of buying from a printer dealer versus a retailer

LaserCorp's Unique Advantages:

  • Lowest Cost on Original Toner: Enjoy the best prices on genuine toner
  • Free Next Day Shipping: Receive your toner promptly with our complimentary next-day shipping
  • Authorized by Original Toner Manufacturers: We are authorized by several leading manufacturers
  • Free Toner Alert Software: Stay ahead with our free toner alert software
  • Convenient Online Ordering: Easily order your toner online.
  • Toner Expertise: Rely on our experts to guide you through the toner selection process.
  • Straightforward and clear pricing whether you have one or hundreds of HP laser printers.
  • Pay for exactly what you print with a guaranteed CPT price
  • With CPT toner rates as low as $7 per thousand pages and as high as $40, identifying savings is now easy.
  • Buying toner by the cartridge makes it very difficult to determine the true toner cost and if savings have been realized.
  • If your office is using a printer whose CPT rate is $40 instead of the $7, your costs are 471% higher. Ouch!
  • Our CPT program is the easiest and most economical way to buy toner.
  • Buy the wrong HP printer and costs can soar 300%.
  • That’s because the least expensive HP printer uses the smallest lowest priced toner cartridge but has the highest Cost Per Thousand pages (CPT).
  • Savings is all about CPT!
  • Question is, what volume of print justifies upgrading to a more cost efficient HP Laserjet printer with a lower CPT?
  • Sound confusing? Don't have the time? We know! And we're here to help.
  • LaserCorp’s Managed Print Services (MPS) for HP laserjet printers provides clients with the information necessary to purchase the “right” HP laserjet printer and not make a 300% error!
  • And that’s only one way that an MPS provider will save your company money!

Managed Print Services (MPS)

We know managing your HP and Brother laser printers and copiers is not easy.

Ordering different toner cartridges, figuring out how many toner cartridges to stock, whether to buy original toner cartridges or recycled toner is just the beginning.

Then dealing with getting your HP or Brother printer repaired or determining what laser printer to buy instead of repairing the printer or copier. Well, that is what we do! HP and Brother laser printer management. We are experts at it!

We take care of everything from choosing the most cost effective toner rebate and discount programs to printer repairs or determining if a printer / copier should be replaced and with which model.

We even have optional free printer management software that will notify you when toner is required or if you are having a problem with your printer.

Best of all, there is no cost to have us manage your HP and Brother printers and we can start helping you immediately.

We have the knowledge and expertise to make your HP and Brother printers and copiers the easiest things to manage in your office.

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Printer & Photocopier Repairs

Laser Printer Repairs and Service Montreal | Toronto | Ottawa | Calgary | Vancouver

HP, Brother, Xerox and Lexmark

Since 1990, LaserCorp’s specialization has been printers and photocopiers.
LaserCorp’s service methodology and investment in technology enables us to consistently deliver unparalleled service.

Our Automated Service Call Database displays each printer's repair and history for review by a service coordinator within seconds of call placement.

Service coordinators screen and prioritize each and every call to ensure maximum printer repair and service response time.

Authorized Laser Printer Repair Technicians

Laser printer technicians specifically trained for laser printers, multifunctions and photocopiers have access to an extensive original (OEM) parts inventory.

When our repair technicians are dispatched to service a call, they have the training and experience to resolve laser printer, MFP and photocopier problems quickly and accurately.

Whether your preference is an annual service contract, a cost per page contract, time & material billing or a bank of hours, LaserCorp can tailor one or several options to best fit your HP and Brother laser printer needs.

Call 1-877-LASERCO and get your laser printer, MFP and photocopier repaired.

Photocopier & Multifunction (MFP)

Hewlett Packard (HP) and Brother Laserjet Multifunction (MFP) photocopiers.

Talk about saving money, increasing workflow, cutting copier lease costs and eliminating redundant equipment.
Hewlett Packard (HP) and Brother Laserjet multifunction photocopiers (MFP) are incredibly affordable, robust and inexpensive to operate.

In fact, compared to Xerox, Canon and other photocopier manufacturers, HP and Brother Laserjet MFP’s can easily reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50% while eliminating bottlenecks.
In the copier world, TCO is the true measure of cost.

Call 1-877-LASERCO to find out your TCO.

Recycled Empty Toner

The Easiest Way To Recycle Original Toner Cartridge

Recycling empty original HP toner cartridges have never been easier or more profitable.

Our empty original toner cartridge recycling program provides your business or organization with a toner cartridge recycling box in order to collect all of your empty toners.

Once your original empty toner cartridge recycling box is full, it is then picked up free of charge and delivered to the HP Planet Partner Toner Cartridge Return and Recycling program.

This empty HP toner cartridge program is free of charge but is only available for used original HP toner cartridges. Previously recycled or non-HP compatible toner cartridges are not eligible for our toner cartridge recycling program.