• Independent Technicians for Laser Printer / MFP / Plotters


    As an independent technician, you choose when you want to work.

    These positions are open to technicians already working who want to make extra money or technicians looking for work.


    Easily earn $80 per 1 hour service call and $60/hr for additional hours.


    Make extra money during;

    - the entire day

    - on your lunch break

    - before and after work

    - on weekends

    Repair the equipment that you service all the time.

    The choice is yours, depending on your schedule.


    This is our version of UBER for printer and photocopier technicians.


    * Do you have good experience repairing laser printers and MFP's

    * Do you have manufacturer certifications?

    * Do you have good customer service skills?

    * Do you have your own vehicle?


    As an independent technician, you will be assigned laser printer / mfp / inkjet / plotters repairs based upon your availability and qualifications.


    Looking for more opportunities?

    We also help unemployed technicians start their own printer repair & supplies business within our business by providing toner and printer sales opportunities to your clients at no cost to you.


    By adding toner sales to your clients, you receive regular income without doing any work or laying out any money.

    Small to medium size businesses are not well support in the market place. They typically do not have a regular repair company, do not get regular maintenance and buy toner, printers and copiers (mfp) from all different sources.

    There is a large opportunity for a customer oriented independent technician to become their trusted printer expert. With our support, your printer hardware and orginal toner prices will be more competitive than Amazon and shipping is always free on toner and smaller printers.   

    So, when you are not repairing printers, you can generate additional recurring income from toner and printer sales if you like advising small businesses.

    Jobs for full time printer technicians are getting harder to find and layoffs / downsizing  are common.  Its time to create your own success! Apply now and then we can then talk about what works best for you. 

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