Toner Is Not Exciting But Continuous Giving Is!

Fundraising is hard, we make it easier. Almost every business buys toner and 60% buy HP toner. If you know of a business that buys HP toner, we usually can beat their current pricing by 10% to 20% while donating 10% to your favorite cause or charity on each and every toner order the business places. All you do is recruit the business, we handle everything else. Nothing could be simpler!

Everyone benefits! The business saves money and your cause or charity gets continuous funds. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Who can say no to that?

Getting started is easy.

If you are fundraising for one or several causes or charities, please click here to register the causes or charities before approaching different businesses about our no cost, continous giving program.

We know fundraising can be difficult. That's why a fundraising program that actually saves the business money is easier than asking them for their own money. This way your cause receives continuous funds without anyone being asked to provide donations.

Businesses get donation requests all the time and there is a limit to how much they can give. You are not asking them for money, you are saving them money. Everyone wins!

Every quarter when the amount of funds exceeds $250, we send you a summary of the amount to be sent to the cause that is associated with each company that you have signed up. This way you can see the impact of your fundraising.

The funds sent to your cause are attributed to you but donation receipts are issued to the businesses buying the toner. Your cause will see the impact of your fundraising efforts. We will also show you the breakdown of all of your fundraising efforts across all of your causes.

We issue you a fundraiser ID for every cause that you register. When you recruit a business, they need to register with your fundraiser ID for that cause.

How is it possible that we save businesses 10% to 20% on HP toner and still give 10% to causes? Simple. Lasercorp has been providing businesses with savings on toner since 1990, so nothing new here. It’s what we do! The 10% that we donate is the commission that we would have paid a salesperson for signing up a new account.

If you are a business that buys HP toner, please click here to request a quote. We will send you a toner quote within one day. If our pricing is lower, the program is ready to begin upon your approval.

Our no cost giving program can be cancelled at any time. There are absolutely no costs involved in starting this program. You can easily change the cause or charity that is receiving the funds at any time.

Every quarter, we send you a report with your purchases and the amount of the funds being sent to the designated cause. If the cause is a charity, then a tax receipt from that charity will be issued to your company.

Additional Benefits;

  • Free next day delivery across Canada
  • Access to restricted HP laser printers and digital photocopiers with lower operating costs than available at most hardware suppliers
  • Expert advice (we have been HP laser printer experts since 1990)
  • Free printer management software with automated toner ordering

You save. We give.
A Continuous Fundraiser That Benefits All.

Have questions? Give us a call 877-LASERCO