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Choose The Lowest CPT Rate


The task is simple. We will quote guaranteed low HP Laserjet toner rates (CPT) expressed as the Cost Per Thousand pages printed .


Expressing your current costs in terms of CPT enables cost comparisons between different suppliers and printer models.


If our CPT toner rates are lower then your current rates (we will help you determine your rates), then the first step in lowering your costs has been achieved.


Depending on the model of HP laser printer, the difference between our rates and  market rates can be up to 120%.

Guaranteed Savings


Quoting low CPT pricing only matters if it is guaranteed.


LaserCorp guarantees that your quoted rate is precisely what is paid.


Our CPT toner rates can be purchased by the page or by the cartridge.


Purchasing by the page, our low CPT rates are guaranteed, so you only pay for what is printed at your quoted CPT rate.


However, if buying by the cartridge, our reports will provide accurate CPT cost analysis.




Printing Habits

Now that low CPT rates have been choosen and guaranteed, it's time to ensure that  the low CPT rates are being used to print the majority of the print volume.


Since every printer model has a different CPT rate, knowing how much print volume is being printed at what Cost Per Thousand offers large potential for savings.


LaserCorp has fast and easy ways to determine this important volume distribution and it requires no time from your personnel.


Hewlett Packard (HP) CPT's range from $9.00 to $34.00 per thousand. Printing to a high CPT model can increase costs by a whopping 277%






Every cost reduction program generates reports that enable usage monitoring and cost allocation to the applicable departments.





Cost & Usage Reports


Optimize Printer Use

Our usage reports highlight cost saving opportunities through:


  • Acquiring new equipment where the savings from a reduction in CPT rate covers the cost of a new printer. Upgrade your equipment without cost!
  • Redistribution of print volume with a high CPT rate to a lower CPT rate.
  • Efficient use of your existing equipment can provide substantial savings!

Reduce Support Costs

LaserCorp's cost reduction programs include the following 3 benefits;



Our 2-step implementation process shows how easy it is to save!

Step 1: Comparison of your current CPT costs with LaserCorp’s quoted CPT rates. Once our CPT rates are confirmed to be lower, step 2 implements and documents the savings.


Step 2: With no contract to sign and a fast and easy setup of either an initial trial or an entire program deployment, your printing costs are reduced, your print volume documented and controlled and your printing environment is simplified!




With our free evaluation and guaranteed cost savings approach, you have nothing to lose and only time and money to save.



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