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Most HP Printer Environments are Unmanaged and Costly

Your environment is unmanaged if ...

  •  total pages printed annually is unknown
  •  average cost per page is unknown
  •  budget is not based upon print volume
  •  multiple suppliers are used with no synergy
  •  no equipment road map
  •  redundant equipment exists ( faxes, copiers, scanners, printers)
  • poor inventory management
  • manual ordering process
  • excessive use of internal human resources
  • no reports
  • no cost goals
  • no software management


Our Managed Print Services MPS Makes It Easy To Control Costs

Incurring No Implementation Fees

Lasercorp's Managed Print Services MPS programs and HP laser printer logistics are second to none and our toner prices are amongst the lowest.


Our Managed Print Services MPS programs are designed to start  immediately, so you don't have to wait even one day to start lower your costs, controlling your laser printer environment and simplifying your HP toner logistics.


Whether you have 1 printer or 500, our toner programs are designed to provide savings, excellent service, valuable advice and the simplicity everyone appreciates.


Our laser printer MPS programs are extremely flexible, so whether you prefer to purchase toner by the cartridge, by the page, with parts or labour included or excluded, we can tailor the right MPS program to meet your needs.


The majority of our Managed Print Services MPS programs have no contract requirements and offer "start when you need" / "finish when you want" flexibility.


Why Use Our Managed Print Services MPS?

Guaranteed to lower your costs of;

  • Toner
  • Equipment
  • Support
  • Inventory
  • Administration (purchasing, payables & distribution)
  • Storage


Because you are tired of;

  • running out of toner
  • ordering toner
  • changing toner
  • analyzing whether to repair or purchase a printer
  • understanding and resolving error codes
  • managing your printers


Global consolidated savings of 50% or greater commonly achieved.


Delivering Printer Logistic solutions in Montreal and Toronto since 1990.


No cost to implement our HP Managed Print Services MPS programs.


Our HP MPS Programs starts instantaneously.




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See how easy it is to gain control of your HP laser printer environment and save money with our Managed Print Services MPS programs!







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